Software Quality Assurance

We at BANCKOM understand systematic and continuous software testing as an integral part of the development process to save your individual software product from inevitable errors before releasing the finalised product. Thus, our highly competent software testers ensure the quality of your individual software using various test methods such as software tests or integration tests. Our precise test management methods in software testing ensure a high-quality as well as cost-efficient realisation of your application. Additionally, we at BANCKOM rely on automated test execution to increase the test capacity and precision.

With web-applications becoming more and more complex, errors within the code are inevitable regardless of the quality of the development team. Thus, continuous software testing is essential to ensure the quality of your individual software before being released. Our highly competent software testers carry out extensive software tests in parallel with the engineering, with the aim of finding & documenting errors and unexpected behaviour. In software testing, a distinction is made between a variety of tests. For example, system tests are being performed to test all units of an application, while integration tests check the application in interaction with surrounding systems. Our highly competent test managers validate and verify your individual software product at every stage of development, thus helping to increase quality and save costs. Since constraints of any form can always arise in the fast-paced environment of software development, we at BANCKOM rely on an automated test execution. With the help of test automation, the test capacity as well as the accuracy in the repetitive execution is increased, which in turn benefits the quality of your individual software.

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