About Us

BANCKOM is a young, aspiring IT-company with its head office in Wiesbaden, Hessen. A large-scale project with a renowned major bank in the field of investment banking resulted in us founding BANCKOM as an independent company at the beginning of 2016 offering individual IT applications and software development. Additionally, we focus on the development of browser-type business applications (Cloud Computing) and platforms for B2B and B2C markets. Our highly professional team consists of several senior Java back-end developers and senior front-end developers.

With reliable project management and versatile IT services, we provide for the conversion of all customers' technical needs. With our result-oriented organization and the careful selection of our employees and offshore partners, we can guarantee the highest quality for our products and services.

To achieve an optimum result to obtain, we work project-oriented directly at the customer's premises. The majority of our experts will offer their services directly at the customer's premises, while others remain working in-house. We provide the teams to the customer's specification. To meet 100 % of all requirements, we also call on the experts of our offshore partners.

Qualitatively, the experts of our offshore partners don't fall short in any way in comparison to German software developers. With our strict selection criteria, only the best developers of our offshore partners get the opportunity to apply their know-how in customer projects. We accompany these experts step by step to the completion of the project and, thus, guarantee the highest measure of quality.

The offered IT services and software products are appropriate to facilitate an advantage in the international competition for our customers. The development of long-term customer relations is thereby part of our business philosophy.

We guarantee the added value of our IT services and software products with innovative development approach and established IT solutions. In particular, our professional expertise in the area of offshore outsourcing allows us to accommodate the requirements of our customers on an individual basis. Our longstanding experience in the area of application development, as well as design and development services, offers our clients a maximum increase in added value for their projects. We value open source technologies if these promise the desired result.

Further advantages resulting from the co-operation with BANCKOM are primarily to be seen in the cost factor. The budget is definitely kept. Apart from that, and in most cases, one only needs to look at the problems from another perspective and with consideration of intercultural aspects to make solution methods clearly shorter and more efficient.

With BANCKOM, you always have the correct partner at your side. We are aware of the mentality, business culture, values and the industry-specific methods when working with high profile customers.

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