IT Services

BANCKOM’s IT services and software products are designed to help our customers realise previously untapped revenue potential in the digital transformation. As a full-service provider our portfolio of services includes classic software development, IT consulting as well as the provision of specialised IT experts. Thanks to our diverse competencies and project-experienced IT experts, we can take on the full responsibility of highly complex IT projects and provide individual IT solutions tailored to your needs, regardless of the industry. Especially banking and insurance companies benefit from our years of industry experience, especially in the field of B2B softwar

We can offer


Our mission is to deliver high-quality technology solutions

Software development

We solve full spectrum of IT development challenges

Personal developer

We provide software development talents that are well-versed in a variety of collaborative technology stacks

Team of developers

Our agile teams are made up of highly qualified professionals

For your company to realise decisive profit potential in the digitalisation, we at BANCKOM offer a versatile and customer-specific portfolio of IT services. Our highly qualified IT-experts take on the full responsibility while you can concentrate on your core business in peace. Our service portfolio does not only include classic software development and IT consulting, but also the provision of highly qualified IT experts. 

Project Management

The planning and execution of a project are in practice just as important as the technical implementation. For the development of new customer projects we determine not only the requirements but also compile all necessary solutions for the implementation of the entire concept. We carry out the technical support as well as the further development of all applications according to our customer specifications and offer optimized package solutions of magnitude.

Our clients have qualified partners and professional offshore developers at their side for the entire duration of the project. If necessary, we handle the entire coordination to lead the project to success.

 You can count on our experienced IT-experts with broad know-how in the field of digitalisation of SMEs, to implement individual software solutions of all requirements entirely according the customers’ standards. Our IT-experts particularly specialise in the B2B software development to significantly optimise the internal processes of your company as well as the cooperation with external companies. With the help of our history in the field of investment banking, especially banks and insurance companies benefit from our versatile service portfolio. But we could also successfully cooperate with both insurances and industrial companies.

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